Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome to Facebook!

Hello again! I have some news – of the social network variety. Zemfirka Blogs finally joined Facebook! So, you can now follow or rather like here. Please & thank you! And, in honor of Facebook integration, and thanks to friends who ask smart questions here is a bit about the name of the blog, if you ever wondered…

To dissipate questions you might have about the name, Zemfirka is simply a name. It is a diminutive form of the name Zemfira, which accidentally means rebellious as I’ve discovered. I’ve also found the meaning to be translated from Greek to Russian (ζαφείρι)[zefiri] as "sapphire". Cool enough? It also has literary significance; Zemfira is the name of the heroine in Pushkin’s poem “The Gypsies” which you can read here.


In other news, it seems I have not been doing much reviewing lately, but I will, promise. I haven’t forgotten or abandoned my primary focus; I’ve just been working on an overall feel of the blog, and other aspects of it. I hope you’ve noticed and approve. I am no web designer, and my HTML skills are very subpar, but I do try. So, if you have any suggestions, comments, thoughts feel free to let me know – try not to be too harsh though… *just kidding*.

Victoria, xoxo


  1. Um HTML isn't exactly rocket science hun.

    1. Well... :) To each his own, but you are welcome to help hunny! <3


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