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Author Guest Post: Lizzie Ashworth – Inspiration Behind the Books

Hi guys! I’m very happy to welcome Lizzie Ashworth to the blog today, author of the new erotic romance novel - Hers to Choose. As Liz and I got talking, she graciously agreed to stop by and share with us a little about her inspiration behind the novel, the social taboos, and the freedom of writing. Thank you Liz!

Inspiration Behind the Books:
I guess you could say that sex inspires my writing. I mean, what is more fundamental than human relationships, and in that, the sexual interaction between people? I’ve never quite understood how society can play along with censorship and other forms of denial about that basic truth. I grew up in a time when stories like Fifty Shades of Grey simply could not see the light of day. Everything “important” happened behind closed doors. Which made me crazy–I wanted to know that stuff.

On top of the societal limits on what could be written/published, my conservative family environment frustrated me even more. In moments of freedom, like at the library, I’d dig through National Geographic or medical books searching for more information. But aside from an occasional bared breast in a tribal African scene or weird drawings of human anatomy, I never got the answers I wanted.

Gradually, through my own experience and the amazing social revolution of the late 60s and 70s, the bedroom door swung open. But even then, explicit language and books that reveled in the pleasures of sex were rare. Frankly, I’m still amazed with the current freedom of expression about sex, but especially happy that women are finally stepping over all those old barriers.

My writing celebrates that freedom. I like to show a process in my stories where discovery or acknowledgment of sexual pleasure or desire is key to character development. Of course I want to build relationships where caring motivates the action. But affection demonstrated through sex drives a powerful message, one we all want to enjoy as individuals and readers. Working to create those moments in my books is a challenge, but it’s an inspiring challenge. I really can’t think of anything more important!

Hers to Choose (Cannon Cousins #1)
Lizzie Ashworth

Release Date: June 20, 2013

Lizzie Ashworth

Book Description:
Bryn McClure is running out of time. With foreclosure in the last stages, she’s about to lose the beloved twelve-hundred acre Ozark farm she inherited from her grandparents. Her desperate last hope is to sell hunting rights for deer season.

Alex Cannon is running out of options. After a humiliating discovery about his wife, Alex’s cousin and property development business partner Dan has spiraled into a life-threatening depression. Alex hatches a brilliant idea of what might help Dan, and on advice from an old friend, contacts Bryn. A hunting trip might be the perfect route to a new outlook for Dan, especially with the extra touch Alex wants from Bryn.

When Bryn agrees to Alex’s special request, she’s thrilled not only with the promise of badly needed income, but also with the prospect of bondage and discipline. Her appetite for kink has sharpened during her lonely year of rural living. It seemed like such a good idea when she agreed to it.

But standing on her porch watching these two gorgeous men climb out of their truck and walk toward her, she thinks maybe she hadn’t fully appreciated how complicated things could become. Alex stuns her with his warmth and charm, but the cold and angry Dan is the one she’s supposed to submit to. By the second day, when the first spanking sparks her passions, she realizes she may be in for more than she expected.

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About the Author:
I love to write! It's probably a sickness. No matter what I'm doing, my brain edits sentences, selects or discards words, equivocates over paragraph formation.

My favorite part of writing is description. I want my readers to see, smell, hear, and feel what is going on in the story as if they are there. What a great experience when the words are pouring through my head and spilling out onto the page, creating a physical world!

Other pursuits have taken up parts of my life--a technical profession for a career, three children, a burning desire to learn watercolor, cooking, and gardening, to name a few. But always there has been writing. It is with deep pleasure that I now have a chance to devote most of my time to writing.

You can also find more about Liz and her books via Amazon and her Goodreads Author Profile.

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