Friday, December 27, 2013

Recipe: Olivier Salad

I hope there is another post that I will have a chance to share with you before the year ends, but here’s one I’ve been planning for awhile – a traditional Russian dish that always reminds me of the holidays. And while we are talking holidays let me wish you lots of love, laughter, happiness, and many great reads in the coming year!

Happy New Year!


I can’t believe it, but 2014 is just around the corner and as we get ready to celebrate the New Year it is time to whip up some classics. And the Russian holiday table will not be complete without its most popular dish - the Olivier Salad (or Stolichny Salad as it is also known). I grew up eating the Olivier Salad and can’t imagine it any other way, but there are as many variations of this dish as there are cooks. So here’s my take on the Russian classic, as promised Lori!

Note: The choice of meat for the dish is up to you. It is most often made with diced Doktorskaya sausage (similar to bologna), but you can substitute with shredded chicken, or beef (as I did this time), or if you are feeling adventurous, veal tongue is also a delicious choice.

Olivier Salad
Servings 4

1 cup cooked, diced beef (or bologna, or shredded chicken, or veal tongue)
2 cups boiled, peeled, diced potatoes (approximately 3 – 4 medium potatoes)
1 ½ cups boiled, peeled, diced carrots (approximately 3 medium carrots)
[Cook potatoes and carrots together in their skins until fork tender.]
1 cup hardboiled, finely diced eggs (approximately 3 eggs)
1 ½ cups sour kosher pickles, diced
½ cup canned peas
½ cup sweet onion or green onions, finely diced (optional)

1 cup mayonnaise (or half mayonnaise, half sour cream)
3 tsp finely diced dill (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

In a large bowl combine potatoes, carrots, eggs, pickles, peas, and onions if using. Mix the ingredients (try not to mush them).

In a small bowl mix mayonnaise, sour cream if using, dill, a pinch of salt and pepper.

Toss the salad together with the dressing. Refrigerate until serving. 

[The salad should keep refrigerated for 3 – 4 days].



  1. Yum, no to the veal tongue but I would do try this with chicken..LOL

    1. Hehe! It's just an idea. :) But chicken does work very well. This is a sort-of Russian version of the potato salad (as I think of it).

  2. Replies
    1. No olives! Promise. :) Although there are versions with olives out there...

    2. It's "Olivier" in honor of the chef, who created the salad in 1860s (as I learned from Wiki) - Lucien Olivier.

  3. you are almost as purist as me, Vika! :) I don't do carrots, but everything else is there (dill can be substituted by parsley or coriander) and this year I've added raw garlick just for the hell of it. Love it! Made it for Christmas Eve and we ate it with steaks. And I've used boiled beef instead of ham or other substitutes. OMG, it's making me so hungry. Gotta go and cook something!

    1. hehe! gotta have my carrots - I love them. :P and yes, I agree - boiled beef makes for better salad. I made some for xmas eve on the 24th (the one above actually), and then made another one for last night - Olivier overload. :D

    2. Never! Along with "seledka pod shooboi" I could eat it all the time :D

    3. omg! don't say things like that. now all I'm gonna think about is селедка под шубой! hehe ;)

  4. Victoria - great recipe! I found that here canned peas are too soft. I use frozen baby peas. No need to cook them - they are pretty mild and colorful.

    1. Oh! I guess I've been lucky with my canned peas!!! :D But that's a great advice - I will have to try. :)


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